Will Razer’s New Flagship Gaming Smartphone Improve Your Gaming Experience?

Razer is planning to launch its new flagship smartphone known as Razer Phone 2, which is likely to establish a foothold across the new gaming phones market. The new aluminum frame of Razer Phone 2 has undergone a holistic structural revamp. Razer Phone 2 is developed as a gaming phone that is integrated with relevant improvements in audio and screen, and most of all, waterproofing feature has also been added.

Gaming phones have been increasing at a rapid pace in number. Manufacturers that are producing gaming computers ASUS and Razer, for instance, have been shifting towards phones, thereby providing features such as high refresh rate and HDR screens that are considered as buzzwords for the gamers on both the sides of the spectrum. PUBG and Fortnite for mobile phones are blips on the radar, in comparison to several biggest mobile games of China.

Signature Features of Razer Phone 2 to Gain Increasing Gamers Attraction across the Globe

Razer has taken immense efforts in adding signature features to its new Razer Phone 2 gaming phone such as Chroma. The company also partnered with mobile game studios for optimizing games for the new Razer Phone 2, which in turn would benefit the company in staying at the forefront of all gaming phones.

The new brain of Razer Phone 2 is Snapdragon 845 chipset that is utilized by most of the Android flagships clocked at the 2.8GHz along with Adreno 630 visual chips. Heat dissipation factors is being dealt with by the scaled-down version of vapor chamber – cooling technology that is utilized on Blade 15 laptop, which is developed for keeping the phone from being too hot. A substantial upgrade to gigantic 4,000mAh battery, 64GB storage, LTE gigabit antenna for the faster data and 8GB RAM powers this new device.

Furthermore, Razer Phone 2 has been running on Android 8.1 along with the Nova Launcher. However, Android Pie has been currently in the testing process and plans an over-the-air upgrade. Best mobile games today run on iOS and not on Android. Razer has been entering into partnerships with the game studios for optimizing their games for Razer Phone and to build exclusive contents for its future.

The new Razer Phone 2 has round edges with a glass back, which makes the gaming phone charge wirelessly. The new gaming phone is capable of charging on the charging mat or on the new Chroma charging stand of Razer that is powered by the USB-C, which can prop the new gaming phone up or let it lay flat.

Razer has been aware of the lower inclination of its potential and current customers towards the new glass back feature and therefore the company has been working on the matte finish with expanded storage capacity, thereby catering to the growing customer demands.

The new Razer Phone 2 will witness few carrier partners from China and Asia being the foremost in taking gaming seriously might look up to increasing adoption of game-oriented smartphone, which mainly focuses gamer styling.

Abhishek Budholiya

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