Why Are Medium Voltage (MV) Transformers Receiving More Preference Recently?

An electrical device, transformer is basically static and converts alternating current from one voltage level to other. Transformers are also used for matching the supply of required voltage to the electrical load. Transformers can remove low voltage and costly feeders. Moreover, these electrical devices can easily regulate the voltage through step-up and step-down processes.

While talking about controlling different voltages, we must know what step-up and step-down processes are. Step-up means to regulate voltage from low to high and on the other hand, step-down refers to control voltage from high to low.

Like other transformers, Medium voltage (MV) transformers are also static type electrical device. These are used to transfer voltage from high to medium and from medium to high through winding circuits. In the primary winding, a varying current generates a varying magnetic flux. Through this varying flux, a varying electromotive force (emf) is induced in secondary winding. Besides, these MV transformers are also used to distribute, utilize and transmit electrical energy.

Let’s Know More about MV Transformers

The latest MV transformers, which are available in the market, are equipped with advanced energy efficacy. In fact, this type of transformers can reduce the cost for operating it and results in the growth of profit limits. While controlling the voltage, MV transformer generates less heat. Henceforth, this decreases both the ventilation expense and also lowers the alternating current.

Moreover, there are two types of MV transformers that are present in the market. One is dry-type transformer and another one is liquid-filled transformers. The air-cooled systems of dry-type transformers are mostly preferred to indoor concerns as it gives more reliability in safety purpose than wet-filled power transformers. This is because, the on-site maintenance and the process of fluid testing in wet-filled transformers are still needed to be rectified, where reliability is a major concern. But, we must know that the durability of wet-filled transformers is more than dry-type. Moreover, dry transformers make loud noise while working. In addition, these are difficult to maintain & operate, whereas wet-filled transformers are easy to handle and it can work with numerous recycling options. Lastly, wet-filled transformers have fire risk factors as well as environmental adverse effects, but dry-type transformers are well-equipped with the resistance power, with respect to environment.

Environmental Impact

As we know that keeping environment safe is the major concern and whatever new inventions  are launching, be it machines or any electrical products or any vehicle, it has to follow the laws of maintaining eco-system healthy. Owing to this, Department Of Energy (10 CFR Part 431) has declared that the latest MV transformers are well-structured on the basis of environmental need.

It saves approximately 2.74 quads (1,015 BTUs) of energy in 29 years, which is correspondent to 27 million energy that is used in U.S domestic works. Besides, it rejects the requirement for six new 400 MW power plants, so that the environment won’t get affected. Most importantly, the major problem for environment is the greenhouse gas emission, which is also decreased by this transformer. With the growing usage of MV transformer, emission of 238 million tons of Carbon Monoxide has reduced.

So it can easily be said that the usage of MV transformers are really valuable and logical in due respect to environment. Based on these positive features, the demand for MV transformers is growing at a high pace in the global market for MV transformers.

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