Weather Information Technology Market Driven by Adoption in Aviation Industry

Future Market Insights announces the release of its new research report, titled “Weather Information Technologies Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015-2025.” The report offers key insights on the drivers, restraints, and trends in the global weather information technologies market.

Weather information technologies are expected to gain wider adoption in the near future, owing to their application in the aviation industry. Consumer demand for weather information on-the-go is driving adoption in the online landscape, especially on social media platforms.

Weather Forecasting Becoming a Lucrative Business 

According to the report, weather forecasting, which was once limited to government authorities, has become a lucrative business, with over 300 companies offering their expertise to clients at a fee. “Weather forecasting is big business and generates billions of revenues every year. IBM’s acquisition of the digital assets of The Weather Company is an indicator of how big the market will become in the future”, said an analyst at Future Market Insights (FMI).

Air traffic control in both civil and military domains is expected to account for the bulk of weather information technology revenue. Heightened emphasis on accurate weather forecasting in the wake of recent air plane crashes is also anticipated to prompt the aviation industry to incorporate weather information technology in their operations.

Weather Forecasting Technology Market Segmentation 

Future Market Insights’ report offers a 10-year market forecast on the basis of technology, forecast type, application, equipment, and components.

Market forecast for the period 2015-2025 on the basis of components includes data loggers, sensors, hardware, and software.

Equipment-wise market forecast is offered on thermometer, barometer, anemometer, rain gauge, and hygrometer.

On the basis of application, the key segments on which market forecast is offered include aviation, transportation, agriculture, marine, energy, and military.

The report also offers insights on the weather information market on the basis of range (normal, short, medium, and long).

The key technologies that are used in the global weather information market include weather satellite technology (geostationary orbit and polar orbit), radar technology (Doppler radar, weather radar), weather station, broadcasting, and sounding system and radiosondes.

The key regions on which the report offers market forecast include North America, Asia Pacific, Europe (western and eastern), Latin America, and Middle East and Africa (MEA). North America is the most lucrative market for weather information technologies market, and it is expected to remain so during the forecast period. The sheer size of the aviation industry in North America, especially in the US will offer a plethora of opportunities to key players in this market. Other key regions where robust growth is expected are Japan, China, and India.

The key players covered in the report are Campbell Scientific, Columbia Weather Systems, Inc. Sutron, Vaisala, MORCOM International, All Weather, Inc., Inc., and Gill instruments Limited.