Wearable Devices: Technology Applications Resolving the Challenges in Healthcare

Owing to the growing ease of healthcare monitoring & diagnosis, mobile app development for wearable devices have risen steeply in the last few years. And providing healthcare while waiting for the digital infusion to happen has been an insoluble challenge. Healthcare professionals want a quick access to patient information, probably on a real-time basis with accuracy so that the right health advice can be focused. The advanced technology in wearable devices is fixing the problem as it is building a virtual connection between the patient and the doctor over the cloud with accuracy, real-time information, and accessibility.

Tech-infused wearable devices in healthcare are stylish in looks, offer hands-free usage and quick access, require nearly zero maintenance, and are comfortable to wear all day long and even while sleeping. Apart from these minor technology benefits, there is a bigger impact of technology for wearable devices in the healthcare industry. They are detailed as under:

Quick Medical Data Access

A host of real-time access can be provided by wearable devices to healthcare data like physical activity levels, pulse rate, sugar levels, deep sleep rate, etc. This information helps healthcare professionals to positively diagnose symptoms of heart problems, diabetes, and other prolonged health problems.

Proactive Health Monitoring

Wearable devices can help in understanding the lifestyle of user in detail. This helps in proactively preparing for possible health issues that have a big possibility of happening in the near future.

Physical Activity Moderation

The wearable devices such as fitness trackers can also monitor user’s physical activity like steps count, calories burnt, weight loss, etc. Unlike traditional systems, wearable devices give an accurate measure of physical activity that helps users to effortlessly reach their health and wellness goals.

Patient-Doctor Connect

Wearable devices help in creating a virtual patient-doctor connection. Today, most of the reports, health activity and stats like pulse rate, sugar levels, sleep rate, etc. can be sent via the cloud to doctors and hospitals for timely diagnosis.

Real-time Emergency Alerts

Wearable apps can also trigger emergency alerts in the event of the user suffering a health failure, a sudden drop in sugar levels, fainting, accidents, etc. to healthcare professionals or nearby hospitals.

Other Life-changing Healthcare Applications of Wearable Devices

Apart from health monitoring and reporting statistics, there is a lot more than healthcare wearable devices can do. They come in the form of enhancers that can help users with a disability to navigate the physical world safely and without any external help.


Herables in wearable devices is an electronic in-hear device that helps people with hearing disability to listen to sounds with better clarity. Hearables also have advanced applications in defense and military environments where communication needs to take place through wireless means with advanced facilities like navigation and warnings.

Vision Impaired Navigation & Wearable Translator

Wearable devices like necklaces, in-ear devices, and glasses that can guide blind or vision impaired individuals to see with better clarity. Tiny devices that can be worn like earphones with microphones that can translate foreign languages into the native language as chosen by the user.

The Times Ahead

Wearable technology and healthcare is a great combination as it brings together the best of both worlds. The world of wearable devices is one that is growing in number and popularity with every passion hour. All said one cannot undermine the explosive potential of wearable devices in saving human life from fatal health issues.

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Abhishek Budholiya

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