Tree Farm Business: A New Invention to Relish Weekends with Family

Tree farms are basically privately owned forest to produce timber. But, the concept has been modified in the recent times. Tree farms are now referred to tree nurseries, tree plantations and Christmas tree farms. Melvin Cook, the owner of DouMel Tree Farms, was a successful businessman of selling Christmas trees. It is reported that growing trees was a favorite hobby to Melvin and keeping that concept in mind, he founded his own farm, DouMel Tree Farms. Melvin Cook got this idea of starting a business with tree farms when he observed that people asked for cutting a tree for the holidays. The tree farm began to sell Christmas trees by the end of 1980 along with 20 acres expanded area.

DouMEL with Its Facilities

Melvin’s son Doug Cook told that he was a school-goer when all the family members in together took a decision of helping Melvin since it was impossible for him to take care of the business entirely. DouMel Tree Farm deals with pre-cut plants and in addition, it gives opportunity to the customer to choose their own place. Apart from these, the customers can also avail the facility of wagon ride, which is available on weekends and also they can relish homemade Christmas cookies by staying inside the warming house.

Doug also has informed that Melvin died in 2010 yet after his death, the family members are going forward with a determination of keeping the same spirit along with the pre-planned business strategies. He said that Melvin used to say that one could only be eligible to continue his business through lots of hugs and handshakes with a big smiling face.

DouMel’s Happy Customers

One of the most cordial customers of DouMel is the Fischery family, who has been a regular visitor to DouMel to enjoy a lot with the wagon rides along with warming up by the fire inside the trees. They added that their children have now grown up yet they have maintained coming to DouMel Tree Plant in every weekend. Jon Fisher commented that they had been visiting the farm of around 30 years and every time they experienced their visits with great satisfaction and countless enjoyment.

To explain the experience in this business, Doug Cook said that tree farm business is a completely different kind of trade. He added that the customers used to come to tree farms with the expectation of more excitement and DouMel is successful of keeping their customers happy from a long time. He also said that seeing the customers happy always make him proud as that portrays the great effort that the Cook family contribute to provide a better quality service.

Over the last two years, Doug has been observing that the sales rate for tree plant has been increasing day by day and hence, that ensures that DouMel is developing financially.

Henceforth, it can be said that tree farm is a unique way of spending time with family members of all ages with lots of fun and excitement. Overall, this would surely be an amazing experience to enjoy with.

Abhishek Budholiya

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