The Battle of the Consoles: Nintendo Switch back in Game with Mega Discounts

With PlayStation and Xbox battling to stay on the ground, Nintendo made a smart check and mate move. The gaming market is quite hot at present with the gaming giants launching new consoles and games every now and then. Nintendo played the ace when it launched the Switch console in 2017. After introducing Switch, it became the 7th major game console that has yet been developed by Nintendo. It goes by the code name of NX and was introduced in 2016 October. It was then released on the March of 2017.

Before getting on to what Nintendo is up to now, let us understand what is Nintendo’s Switch

Nintendo Switch is considered as a hybrid console by Nintendo. Its main unit is inserted into a docking station which is connected to a TV. The best part is, it can be removed from the dock and be used with a tablet or computer through the LCD touchscreen. It can also be placed on a standalone tabletop mode which will be visible to several players. The Switch employs wireless Joy-Con controllers including high-definition tactile feedback, motion sensing, directional analog and standard buttons sticks for user input. The Joy-Con supports attachment with both sides of the console in order to supplement handheld gameplay. It also connects to a Grip accessory in order to provide the feel of a traditional home console gamepad. It can also be used like a Nunchuk that supports local multiplayer modes. The software used by Nintendo Switch also supports online gaming via a standard internet connection or local wireless connection. Nintendo Switch competes on the gaming march ket with giants such as Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation.

Nintendo rules the market with the Super Mario Odyssey. After its launch, Nintendo offered the games at US$60 which was equivalent to the price of the new games of PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. This was one such low down for Nintendo as the media outlets referred to it colloquially as the Switch Tax. However, Nintendo is now on the run to acquire third-party titles such as Just Dance 2017, Sonic Forces, Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest XI, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and others. Other franchise titles comprise Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, NBA 2K18, Splatoon 2, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Now let us know what the present hype is all about

At present, Nintendo is striving hard to come back in the game. The Nintendo Switch console is on discount and by using the promo code PSPRING20, one can win the discount on the brand new Switch and kill the deal at US$224, which is lesser than the Apple Home Pod. The blue and neon red Switch can also be availed at a discounted price of US$232. The deal will last for few more hours.

Now, it is yet to be seen that will this risk playoff for Nintendo or will Sony and Microsoft give a cutthroat competition to it?