Sony Corporation Launches an Innovative Board: IoT Processor-Equipped

Sony Corporation launches two innovative products, SPRESENSE extension and main boards for the applications of IoT. The boards have been equipped with smart-sensing processors. The sales of SPRESENSE Camera Boards for the sensing cameras have been projected to begin by October 2018. The new products of Sony Corporation will be on display at Maker Faire Rome 2018, which is the European Edition that is held from 12th October to 14th October in Italy at Fiera di Roma.

Holistic View on Sony’s SPRESENSE to Gain Consumer Traction in the Forthcoming Years

SPRESENSE is regarded as a compact development board that is based on the power-effective multicore microcontroller CXD5602 of Sony Corporation, which helps the developers in creating IoT (Internet of Things) applications in a short time span. It has been supported by Arduino IDE as well as the advanced NuttX based SDK.

The main board has been using multi-CPU structure operational with cutting-edge GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver of Sony Corporation as well as audio codec of high-resolution. Systems for various applications such as sensing cameras, smart speakers, drones and several other IoT devices that can be developed by combining SPRESENSE boards as well as developing relevant applications.

SPRESENSE main board works on low-power and features smart-sensing processor. It also has built-in GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver as well as audio codec, which supports audio sources of high-resolution. SPRESENSE main board holds a hexa-CPU with multi-core configuration. This, in turn, makes it comparatively easy for creating highly versatile and high-performance applications.


The SPRESENSE extension board is utilized with the main board. It has been equipped with an SD card slot, microphone jack and a headphone jack that can be utilized for developing audio applications together with playback and audio recording. This product is also equipped with the connector, which in turn can control I/O voltage of main board for switching from the 1.8V to 3.3V as well as 5.0V. This, in turn, makes it possible for connecting and utilizing some of the open source platforms that are general-purpose extension board. SPRESENSE development boards have been contributing significantly towards the growth of the high-quality IoT solution.

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