Smarter Robots? They’re Already Here with Machine Vision…

Vision guided robots highlight the latest breakthrough innovation in the field of robotics, and this story unrolls the basics of their applicability in today’s world.

A dramatically thriving segment of robotics, vision guided robotics, represents a recent milestone all set to become worth a multibillion-dollar market within the next few years. While industrial robotics has been evolving at an exciting pace of late, a few trends have marked a prominent impact already on the performance of the entire robotics landscape.

Vision guided robotics has become a hotbed of opportunities for smart factory operators, in recent years. Opening numerous doors of opportunities in industrial automation and manufacturing spaces, the vision guided robots (VGRs) boasts a set of exclusive functionalities that makes them superior over ‘blind’ counterparts that have been forming the base of robots over the years.

The next-gen technological revolution in industrial manufacturing is right here!

Picking and placing random objects from a bin has never been a cakewalk for robots when subjected to a specific time, variable object attributes, and poor lighting conditions. Robotic automation has thus been restricted within a specific set of tasks that could hardly meet customized requirements.

Today, the technological sophistication has reached the point where industries are embracing vision guided robots for next-generation, visually guided robotic functionality that traverses across diverse industrial applications. Businesses that have been delaying the adoption of robotics over the past are now desperately shifting to this brand new, cutting-edge technology vision guided robotics.

Smart manufacturers are rapidly turning to vision guided robotics technology in an effort to eliminate the need for a human operator’s intervention and attain minimal downtime at the best operational costs. However, the investment is quite massive and thus marks a major decision by businesses.

Myriad applications that broadly define the magnificence of vision guided robotics

Functional flexibility and collaborative operation (with collaborative robots or CoBots) also constitute highly sought after benefits that accompany vision guided robots. Moreover, industries look for a few more advantages when confirming the adoption of vision guided robots.

Most popular application areas of vision guided robots include –

  • Product handling
  • Object identification
  • Product/product parts approval/disapproval
  • Pick-and-place applications
  • Loading and unloading applications
  • Machine Tending

Pick-and-place VGR – The new functional assistant of F&B manufacturers, processors, and packagers

2D vision is currently the most commonly used form of machine vision technology across industrial verticals, whereas 3D vision is still at a nascent stage presumed to be discovering promising application avenues over the foreseeable future. Smart material handling with 3D vision has also been a popular trend that most possibly will witness a strong takeover by robotics arms especially designed for pick-and-place applications.

Pick-and-place has been a widely used application across F&B sector, enabled by vision guided robotics. While this technology has been allowing selection and packaging of food and beverage products with a pick-and-place functionality for individual items, vision guided robots conducts the placement of products in a variety of packaging forms.

A robot is thus desired to differentiate between the sizes, shapes, textures, and colors of both the packaging forms and products on the line. Vision guided robotics facilitates the entire process by identifying the right products and communicating accurate conveyor locations to the robotic arm. This information later directs the pick-and-place function.

What does research say about the futuristic scenario of vision guided robotics?

An increasing number of manufacturing entities continue to adopt vision guided robotics technology, top sought advantages such as enhanced functional capabilities, improved productivity, reduced overall costs, and better RoI will further drive adoption in the near future. Research reflects dramatic prospects for vision guided robotics and projects an impressive rate for vision guided robots adoption over the next decade.

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