Siemens Materials Solutions Opens 15th UK factory

Executing the Industrial Strategy into action correctly, Siemens has officially opened its 15th UK factory in Worcester. Siemens Materials Solutions has invested £27 million to form a new type of additive manufacturing factory. It has turned a conventionally experimental laboratory process into a highly valued industrial practice.

It is for the first time that the business is using SLM technology for optimized metal parts manufacturing. The factory makes things, ranging from high temperature components present that exists in tooling applications and jet engines to gas turbines.

Materials Solutions serves many sectors such as power generation, tooling, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, and motor sport etc.

The inauguration of new facility will also back prevailing customers of Siemens customers in incorporating additive manufacturing technology and power generation.

The business is going to use AM technology this fiscal year, to create combustion components for SGT5-9000HL, which is a combined cycle gas turbine, designed by Siemens. SSE at Keadby 2 in Lincolnshire will be the first one to use this turbine.

The new factory is not based on conventional AM processes that generally occur in a laboratory setting, but will follow an industrial approach like certification and post-processing. It will house many machines across a shop floor.

The company has used manufacturing quality and production methods, and embeds digital approach into the site to create a modern digital factory. The idea is to deliver an end-to-end service to the extensive customer base. It will help the company regulate lead-time in a better way, manage costing, and quality across the product development process, before it delivers the final product to customer.

With this new investment, Materials Solutions has expanded its footprint to 4,700m2.

Juergen Maier, CEO of Siemens plc. said that the new facility is fully based on principles of Made Smarter, as it outlines how additive manufacturing can raise its productivity and create a new industry crammed with opportunities.

Abhishek Budholiya

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