Real Estate Sector to Harness the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Extending beyond its conventional capabilities, the real estate sector has showcased effective growth in the past couple of years. From widening the scope of pursuing homebuyers with better and effective ways, the real estate firms are moving towards trending and most-talked about technologies. Artificial intelligence is one such factor that is using to chase their potential customers for giving them a state-of-the-art experience while trying to woo them for buying homes.

Far from being just another buzzword, artificial intelligence is taking over many important sectors around the globe. Real estate developers are looking forward to gaining major profit with the help of artificial intelligence by incorporating home automation solutions.

With the deployment of sensor technologies and cloud-based algorithms for indoor environment monitoring and alerting in order to carry out corrective actions, the real estate developers are able to bring a connected and intelligent ecosystem to homes.

Knight Frank India being a commercial real estate giant, has collaborated with Delos to provide DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence platform, designed to help in the enhancement of health outcomes in the homes and mitigate harmful indoor environmental issues.

Shishir Baijal, CMD, Knight Frank India stated that real estate has moved far ahead of just a brick-and-mortar structure, where real estate developers are looking forward to providing value to homebuyers. He further added that it has evolved into creating a healthy environment for people to reside, work and play. This has improved the quality of life of homes across the globe, said Shishir.

Next-generation start-ups have achieved success over dealing with the challenges associated to the initial phases bringing in home automation. With new product enabled with artificial intelligence, which can be integrated with the existing plans, these companies are providing improved products.

Moreover, with the deployment of such products, investors are keen over contributing to this sector. Nilesh Jain, head of Metaform Ventures LLC, a US-based investment firm said that there is huge potential for home automation products in India. Its growth has been further increased by the innovations brought to life by the startups in this space. He further added that they anticipate the early growth of this segment to be 30 to 50 percent on-year for the next five years.

The real estate sector is, therefore, seen harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence for delivering a better living experience for the buyers.

Sharvari Rale

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