Promising Tide Shift from Premium Smartphone Brand ‘Apple’ towards the New Entrant ‘OnePlus’

The current scenario in smartphone industry marks a remarkable shift of Indian consumer preference from the premium smartphone brand to a brand that in addition to maintaining their lifestyle choice, provides a satisfactory experience. The relatively new entrant, OnePlus, has soon taken the lead in the smartphone market by dramatically overtaking high-end brands like Apple and Samsung.

A recent customer survey indicates that around a notable 60% of the respondents in the age group of 18 to 32 have been currently eyeing on OnePlus, compared to iPhone. The survey further indicates that nearly 15% of the surveyed customers above 40 years of age have also been significantly influenced by OnePlus than by iPhone.

Based on the latest survey taken out in Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and New Delhi, across various sections of society such as teens, students and professionals, it can be concluded that consumers are currently looking out for premium smartphone brands that enable them in feeling more powerful and provides them with an exceptional experience.

OnePlus is witnessing significant popularity amongst users from brands such as Vivo by 16%, Samsung by 15% and Apple by 6%. However small, increasing number of Apple users are shifting their attention towards the adoption of OnePlus smartphones. Apart from this, there is also news that Apple has turned out to be an ideal pick choice for the currents users of Oppo by 18% and OnePlus by 6%.

Interestingly, amongst the premium smartphones user segment that holds smartphones costing more than INR 50,000, over 12% of users are reportedly planning to shift towards adoption of the OnePlus brand. While the fact states that a whopping percentage of customers tends to plan an upgrade to their existing smartphone model every 1-2 years, a majority of them are inclined more towards the features such as Virtual Reality support, wireless charging, and on-screen fingerprint sensors.

The drastically increasing consumer shift in preference for OnePlus is turning out to be a distressing sign for several other smartphone premium brands in India. Growing number of recurring technical problems is paving ways for growth in adoption of technically advanced smartphones such as OnePlus. Apart from this, increasing preference for exceptional speed, performance, design and innovative gaming performance is expected to mainly drive the growth of the smartphones market today.

Abhishek Budholiya

Abhishek Budholiya is a tech blogger, digital marketing pro, and has contributed to numerous tech magazines. Currently, as a technology and digital branding consultant, he offers his analysis on the tech market research landscape. His forte is analysing the commercial viability of a new breakthrough, a trait you can see in his writing. When he is not ruminating about the tech world, he can be found playing table tennis or hanging out with his friends.