New Ghostly Galaxy Confusing Astrophysicists

Our universe is full of mysteries and every day we discover something new and unique. Recently, the space scientists unveiled a certain ghostly galaxy that is very unusually transparent and is almost the same size as the Milky Way. The object which has been scientifically named as NGC1052-DF2 seems to have no dark matter at all in its vicinity. If this hypothesis turns out to be plausible and is justified, then it will be the first of its kind which will be made of only ordinary matter.

At present, it is though, a necessity for a universe or galaxy to have dark matter for its fabrication. This study was published in Nature.

The Significance of the Ghostly Glow

The authors of the research on this ghostly galaxy were initially looking out for a galaxy which is dark matter free; instead, they looked into ultra-diffuse galaxies. These galaxies are more similar to the size of the known spiral galaxies but have less number of stars. This galaxy has very few numbers of stars but a large chunk of them are amalgamated together in bright clusters. When the team of scientists studied their behavior, it was revealed that the stars account of the most of the mass of the galaxy. Thus, this leaves no speculative room for the existence of dark matter.

Ghostly glow

This is certainly not the case with the other galaxies. One of the researchers stated that there is over five times the amount of dark matter in a galaxy than normal regular matter. In a normal galaxy, when traveled towards the end of the galaxy, fewer stars and more dark matter can be found.

Without one, the Other Cannot Exist

As the mass of dark matter is greater than the regular matter, it holds together the important gases while the gases are in the formation stage. Thus, it is being speculated that the formation of this particular galaxy ought to be very different from the formation of the other galaxies that consist dark matter. It may have been formed from gas interaction blowing out or into a larger galaxy. And not only the galaxies, the entire fabrication of the universe is the skeleton of dark matter and everything else is stuff that has been pasted on it. If dark matter were one of the unexplained effects of the gravity that differentiates it from regular matter, the effect of it would be visible in the galaxy.


More work has to be done by the team which is conducting this research and after that, the actual occurrence of the galaxy and the non-occurrence of the dark matter will be proved.