Mitel Launches New Subscription-based Application; Avaya Cloud Solutions is Now Available through Intelisys

Cloud communication service provides ease of communication in the form of voice, data as well as video. Cloud communication platform has gained wide range of traction across the globe. Apropos a Future Market Insights’ report om the global cloud communication platform market is likely to witness expansion at exponential CAGR during 2017-2027. Video conference and IVR segments of the global market are likely contribute more for the growth of the global market. These segments are anticipated to reflect stellar growth over the forecast period. Key players operating in the global market have been profiled in the report. Their strategies to remain at pole position have been included in the report and recent development have been listed below. 

Mitel Introduces Subscription-based Application on Cloud

Mitel Networks, a business communication company recently made an announcement of launch of a cloud-based application, Metel OfficeLink that is likely to help small business communication feature on a mobile device. OfficeLink is available in North America through subscription-based service of the company. Further it supports mid-call functionality and multiple lines and such as transfer, conferencing, group-calling.

This novel application is likely to help businesses on their digital transformation journey at their own pace as well as budget, according to president for Mitel Products and Solutions, Bob Agnes. Mitel OfficeLink was generated hand in hand with the company’s fast-moving small business consumers. The has resulted in the solution focused on simplicity, providing only the features they need most to communicate as well as collaborate efficiently, stated Agnes. It showcases company’s commitment to provide consumers all along the path to cloud in a way they journey from where they are now and they wanted to reach.

Poor communication policies and system are costly as well. The latest announcement comes a month after Mitel combined its heritage partner program with recent acquired ShoreTell’s legacy program into one system titled Global Partner Program.

Avaya Cloud Solutions Now Available Through Intelisys

Avaya Holdings Corp. recently made an announcement that it has become a supplier partner for Intelisys, a ScanSource. Intelisys partner is likely to help to boost sales of Avaya cloud to mid-market businesses, as well as Intelisys is likely to connect potential consumers with Avaya through its worldwide linkage of sales partners.

The depth of Intelisys system of sales associates will facilitate as well as improve the distribution of Avaya’s hosted cloud providing to end-use consumers, according to vice president, Gacy Levy at Avaya. They are together planning to deliver united communication facilities to reach increasing market demands, while simplifying the procedure of onboarding, managing the technology, and consumer relationship. Another proof point is the Master Agent Point to commitment to ensure easy procedure to do business with Avaya.

The cloud has witness Intelisys Sakes Partners to address demand for Avaya cloud service as well as speeds the procedure of onboarding, utilizing the consumer’s communications, with expert management as well as support delivered by Avaya. The independent sales partner of Intelisys is likely to deliver an industry-leading solution to consumers.

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