Microsoft’s New xCloud Game Streaming Service to Introduce an All-new Gaming Experience

With an objective to transform the whole gaming experience for the users, gaming companies are on a constant hunt for innovation and transformation. Gaming giants are therefore looking forward to incorporating streaming technology which is projected to be the future of gaming.

Microsoft has also unveiled their game streaming technology to step into the future of gaming. In the name Project xCloud, their game streaming service aims to provide console-quality games to smart-phone devices, computers, and consoles, public trials of which would be starting in the year 2019.

The games played across the globe currently are mostly dictated by the devices used by the individuals. Microsoft’s new service, Project xCloud enabled with the state-of-the-art game streaming technology, offers the gamers the freedom to play on the device of their choice without being bound to device-specific gaming, thereby empowering the gamers to be the focus of their gaming experience.

Microsoft stated that they are focusing on delivering an amazing and value-added experience to the existing Xbox players and on enabling the developers to scale to numerous new players across the devices. With the launch of Project xCloud, they aim to deliver a better quality experience for all the players on all devices including a speed and high-reliability in their gaming experience.

The service is so-designed to be compatible with the existing and upcoming Xbox games with the help of a custom hardware built for data centers for harnessing the platform and console performance for several years. The service uses Microsoft’s Azure as a support for setting up data centers.

With the aim to deliver a high-quality gaming experience across a range of devices would probably result in a number of challenges such as supporting a large network that consists of multiple users, low-latency video streamed on a remote location.

The team at Microsoft Research are working towards creating ways to curb the latency with the help of advancement in networking topology and video decoding and encoding. Their Project xCloud service would be capable to make game streaming possible on 4G networks and would upscale to push against the 5G network as they launch the service globally.

With the public trials beginning in 2019, Microsoft could learn about the different locations and volumes and thereby scale in them. The game streaming service would, therefore, enable better gaming experience to the individuals across the globe.

Sharvari Rale

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