Manufacturing Automotive Washer Components Turning out as a Major Business Opportunity for the Auto Industry

The multibillion-dollar automotive industry continues to grow with time. Ever since its inception, the industry has never looked back. Much of the credit for the industry’s overwhelming success goes to the incessant technological innovation in automotive components manufacturing. From passenger cars to good carriers, the modern vehicular system is equipped with state-of-the-art features that offer more comfort and ensure higher safety.

In recent times, vehicle manufacturers have taken automotive washer technology to a whole new level. The modern automotive washer systems and equipment are much more efficient and component-centric. When it comes to safety and emergency, it is important that these washer systems are prompt and serve their purpose rightfully. They are added to the vehicle for ensuring safety and cleaning dust particles accumulating on the windshield and other components, providing a clearer vision of the road for the driver. At many occasions, washer systems can help avert possibilities of road collisions. Currently, automotive washer systems are more prevalent in passenger cars and light and heavy commercial vehicles that are being manufactured all over the world.

A Technology Driven Market  

Carmakers and OEMs are putting more emphases on further technological breakthroughs in washer systems as they give a definitive assurance of safer vehicle commutation to passengers. Considering the increasing consumer preference for vehicles with advanced safety features, manufacturers have started installing such safety features in both high-end and low-end models. Presence of automotive washer systems in high-end luxury models is no surprise, however, arrival of low-cost automotive washer technology is allowing automakers to introduce them in low-priced cars. Moreover, the latest washer systems come with features such as auto windshield wiper and headlamp washers. However, such cutting-edge automatic washer systems are generally listed under premium segment and are available in luxury sedan and SUV models. Headlamp washer in particular in more visible in vehicles that are running in snowy conditions, especially in Europe and North America as government regulation are making them mandatory.

How the Industry will Shape Over the Foreseeable Future

Growing sales of automotive and the strong aftermarket demand for automotive washer components in encouraging manufacturers to developed a wider range of washer equipment.  In addition, growing application of rear and front camera washer systems, integration of smart and sensor technology and rising popularity of headlamp washer systems in mid-sized and semi-luxury are driving sales of automotive washer system. Vehicle component suppliers and OEMs have registered higher demand for washer system in the aftermarket segments of the automobile market.  A report published by Future Market Insights (FMI) suggest that by 2026 the global market for automotive washer system will grow to US$ 29.6 Billion, registering a compound annual growth rate of 5.4%.  The additional cost of new washer technologies is likely to restrict their incorporation in low-end models, this, in turn, may impact the overall market growth.  Further, customer base particularly in developing country show less interest in investing in high priced technologies.

Automotive Washer System Market

Leading manufacturers are looking at emerging markets such India and China with gleeful eyes as these markets are offering lucrative opportunities for further expansion of the automotive industry. While incoming of advance automobile component continues to drive the overall market, recent vehicle recalls due to supply of faulty washer system and mandatory regulation compliance is creating intense pressure on the supply side to offer more reliable and cost-effective washer components.   

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