Key Features to Consider While Choosing a Web Content Management System

High performance and multisite support are among the crucial features of web content management

As content marketing has become a necessity of any organizations to manage digital information or to execute marketing campaigns, web content marketing systems are widely used. These systems enable the users to create and edit content in the form of text, video, or audio files that are embedded with images and creative graphics and publish on any web platforms. Web content management systems can be managed and monitored by multiple users and often handles by the digital marketing or creative team in any organization. The system is flexible and enables customization and can even be deployed on-premise or on the cloud.

Earlier, to publish a content on the web, certain set of skills were required such as coding. With the emergence of web content management system, these requirements have been diminished as they come with theme-based templates and unique designs. Furthermore, they help in expanding the business globally and enhancing the brand image. Businesses, today, are focusing on creating compelling content to improve their customer engagement online by using the web content management systems.

Key Features of Web Content Management

Considering the rising velocity of web content, developers are continuously innovating and evolving the systems to ensure the users to work faster and smarter. Here are some of the key features of web content management systems:

  • Most of the content management systems are able to design and organize websites which help in providing efficient access to up-to-date and relevant content.
  • Control the creation and evaluation of the content, and its approval before publishing on the website.
  • The automation of the important parts of the publishing process.
  • Allow users with little knowledge about web programming and coding to easily create and manage web content.
  • These systems also manage the purpose of the site; to be used internally by organizations, externally by work or business partners, or publicly on the web.

Web Content Management

All the web content management systems do not function similarly, the features may favor some organization and be a bane to others. So, depending upon the companies’ need, it is smart to consider few other must-have features before integrating the system on the website. They are:

  • Flexible Content Storage: It makes any type of content structured and accessible easily. This allows the system to have separation between the content and presentation, so the content creators wouldn’t have to worry about front-end display.
  • High Performance: Web content management systems which are able to run in a cloud environment perform well. Caching is another attribute for improving the website’s performance. This can be obtained from WCMS with multiple levels of caching where each level is easy and fully customizable.
  • Better Configuration: A web content management system should be able to turn built-in features on and off, selectively or overall, by altering the administrative settings.
  • Integration: Today, a system does not limit a single function, it should be easily extendible and integrate with other platforms and technology such as different content management system, mobile applications, social networks etc.
  • Multisite and Multilingual Support: Apart from corporate site, businesses have community sites, online store, blog site, etc. which require a CMS to support main site and other microsites. Additionally, to reach varied customers and audience, the system needs to offer the option for multiple language.

Furthermore, easy upgrades, reliable bug fixing, responsive support, training services, marketing tools and so on need to be considered for an advanced functioning of web content management system. Growing dominance of media and entertainment sector in web world is estimated to bring a major growth in the web content management market.

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