Japan to Hold Notable Market Potential in Mobile Device Management Landscape

Growing penetration of tablets and smartphones along with increasing security concerns for protecting corporate data has been driving the demand supply in mobile device management market by both enterprises and employees as well. Concerns have been growing with regards to privacy and security of applications and devices as they have turned out to be the top-most priorities of each business organization. The growth of mobile device management market is also attributed towards the factor that mobile devices day after day is turning out to be more vulnerable to external attacks compared to PCs (personal computers) and desktops.

Increasing number of IT automation, financial services and reforms in the banking and economy services across the globe is expected to dive in significant growth prospects for mobile device management market. BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) are expected to contribute significantly towards revenue growth of mobile device management market as the industry witness’s improvement in workforce productivity, streamlines business operations, enhances customer experience as well as ensures compliance with regulatory policies.

Cloud Deployments to Witness Faster Growth Rate

Cloud deployment in mobile device management market is likely to witness faster-growth during the forecast period from 2018 to 2028 owing to ease of accessibility and budget constraints. Surging number of enterprises is likely to drive adoption rate of cloud deployment mainly due to its scalable, affordable, flexible and easy features, which in turn positively impacts on the growth of mobile device management market.

Cloud-based solutions are also beneficial for IT teams with regards to enrollment, locking protecting as well as managing devices from remote locations. According to the current scenario, present-day mobile device management systems demand for frequent updates regarding their platforms, in order to attain smooth functioning. Most of all, cloud-based mobile device management solution delivers quick response to those update demands compared to on-premises solution. Recently, deployment of Nextcloud in Japan has marked a momentous step for Nextcloud and its related users as it helps in expanding file exchange and storage capabilities on a secure basis.

APAC to Stimulate Adoption Rate

APAC mobile device management market is likely to witness a strong growth rate in the forthcoming years as organizations in this region have been looking forward to adopt enterprise mobility solutions, which in turn would enable them in catering to the requirements of their dynamic mobile workforce. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a trend that is likely to keep emerging in APAC mobile device management market on a major basis. In India, many mid-sized and large enterprises have been allowing the employees for carrying their own electronic devices that is inclusive of laptops, tablets and smartphones, to their workplaces.

Rapidly increasing urbanization has led to boost in digital transformation, which in turn gave rise to concerns such as online predators, hacking and data security threats. With highly developed economy of Japan, and increasing efforts by Japan government for deploying mobile device management solutions on each vertical helps in ensuring regularity and security of data. Prominent vendors in Japan’s enterprise mobility management have been taking immense efforts in entering into partnerships with the region’s government for offering products as well as solutions to the small and large enterprises.

Security Management Solution to Beef up Revenues

Security management solutions are expected to beef up revenue sales in mobile device management market amongst others as this solution is highly preferable for protecting corporate data from cyber-attacks. Security management solution is likely to benefit the organizations with formulation of stringent security policies, in order to protect their corporate information from the external threats.

Surging adoption of the cloud-based mobile device management solution especially amongst the SMEs is anticipated to provide notable opportunities to manufacturers in the mobile device management market in the near future. The global report on mobile device management market indicates that low awareness regarding mobile device management solutions and services along with availability of the myriad operating systems resulting in complex situations have been posing significant threats to the global market growth during the forecast period. Nevertheless, extensive R&D activities taking place in the mobile device management industry is expected to open-up new growth panoramas for the mobile device management market across the globe.

Mobile Device Management Market Analysis

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