Innovative Developments in LED TVs to Stimulate Production Sales of Consumer Electronics

Robustly increasing demand for HD TVs and smartphones are expected to fuel the growth of consumer electronics market in the forthcoming years. Manufacturers are working towards innovating and developing consumer electronics in a way that provides maximum features in lower cost. Globally, the market is observing a tremendous growth mainly due to rising disposable income and purchasing power of the customers.

Constant development with regards to innovation and advancement of consumer electronics is another factors contributing significantly towards the growth of global market. However, high-costs related to development and designing of technically advanced and innovated consumer electronic products, lack of skilled professionals and after-service support way outs, in order to manage production procedures are some factors hampering the growth of market for consumer electronics.

A recent report anticipates that the market for consumer electronics will expand at an outstanding 15% CAGR during the forecast period, 2015-2020, to reach an evaluation of nearly US$ 3trillion by 2020-end. Companies namely Panasonic Corporation, Sony Corporation, Apple Inc., Toshiba Corporation, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Hewlett-Packard Inc. (HP) amongst others will witness a notable growth globally. Prominent companies are planning to focus on marketing strategies such as product innovations and increasing their product portfolio.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Launches World’s First MicroLED TV

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. recently announced that it has launched “The Wall”, which is the world’s first customer modular MicroLED TV. Key players and manufacturers must note that the self-discharging MicroLED 146” TV has been launched along with the company’s latest innovations and advancements with regards to display technology. Manufacturers can note that this new technology will benefit the customers with an exclusive viewing experience, thereby displaying itself as a uniquely centralized smart home that would help in enhancing the daily life of the consumer.

Holistic Features of MicroLED TV

The best part about this new consumer electronic is that it can be modified into any size, form and resolution depending on the need of the need of the consumer, thereby delivering incredible black levels, color volume, color gamut and brightness. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is working towards future of the screen technology, thereby making remarkable progress in business and offering customers with exclusive viewing experience.

The main difference between the new and old LED is that the new MicroLED TV has replaced color filters with the (µm) micrometer scale LEDs that are smaller than the present-day LEDs, thereby serving their own supply of light. Customers can focus on this new technology as it offers increased screen size and enables the consumers to transform “The Wall” suitable to their rooms.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Integrates AI Technology in QLED TV

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has announced the launch of globe’s first QLED TV that features 8K artificial intelligence upscaling technology. Manufactures must note that the company has integrated propriety algorithm for the benefit of adjusting the screen resolution, which is depended on the image quality characteristics. Apart from this, on a larger basis, the new QLED TV consists of edge restoration function, noise reduction, and upgradation of standard definition content. This helps in clearly outlining televisual objects automatic sound modification for diverse contents.

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