Innovation Opens Door for Robots in Frozen Yogurt

With the increasing number of health-conscious consumers, food products manufacturers are coming up with alternatives to unhealthy foods including those low in fat and with a minimal amount of sugar. This makes frozen yogurt a healthy dessert alternative- some of them having both prebiotics and probiotics, considered good for oral, liver and, cardiovascular health. Additionally, organized retail outlets- including hypermarkets, supermarkets, and specialty stores have fueled the consumption of frozen yogurt- also known as ‘froyo’.

Specialty stores followed by supermarkets comprise a major distribution channel, for the supplies of nutritious and affordable food, including frozen yogurt. Moreover, innovative packaging along with targeting consumers through various other marketing channels is also driving the frozen yogurt market. Moreover, a number of organized players entering the seemingly lucrative frozen yogurt market ensure a highly competitive scenario, further driving the market for frozen yogurts. According to a research outlook, all the above factors will boost the growth of frozen yogurt globally, substantially.

Froyo Meets Robo

In a bid to push the consumption of frozen yogurt, one of the top makers in the US has decided to sell froyo at 30 different locations in San Diego. What makes these outlets different?  The outlets will have froyo dispensing kiosks and the order will be put together by a ‘robot’ and will also have self-checkout screens. In a first-of-its-kind innovation, the robo-powered froyo kiosk is engineered to serve up to seven flavors of yogurt, with six toppings to choose from- all within 60 seconds. Additionally, the average machine can dispense 245 servings of frozen yogurt and it even accepts bitcoin.

Makers of the froyo dispensing robot believe that since the deal is about selling a food product- that too a dairy product- which sometimes may have active bacteria- the machine will always need to run clean, especially at hospitals. The makers are hoping to get a permit to set up one such kiosk in a children’s hospital. Since the kiosks will be absolutely cleanliness-sensitive, all franchisees will have to undergo a two-day training period to learn servicing, maintenance and sanitizing procedures of the frozen yogurt kiosk. Additionally, the machines have been programmed to know not cleaned within the authorized time- failing which, the machine will shut down and send the company and franchisee an alert about the same.

Although this development has certainly brought the future of robotic technology to the frozen yogurt market, it remains to be seen how other innovation will propel the global market for frozen yogurt.

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