How Data Integration Software/Tool Simplifies and Manages Processes

With the need to pull together growing volumes of data generated & collected by organisations, several data integration software have been introduced for helping IT teams to manage and simplify the process. But the process of selecting the right data integration tool/software get a bit tricky. It is not about picking products that possess most of the features, but one that matches the enterprise profile and integration requirements.

Data Integration Includes Accessing Data from all Resources

Data integration renders combination of data from numerous resources into an application, providing organised and unified data view to users. Business enterprises currently face constant need for data storage & processing, owing to continuous growth in utilisation of smartphones and computers. This data may arise from the enterprise’s operations, technology, people, and procedures. Data integration software/tool provides an automated, proven, and acrobatic solution, letting an enterprise to swiftly combine & transfer data. Data integration usually involves accessing data through all sources. Merging data from two different sources, data integration lastly delivers data to enterprise as per business demands. This data may be structured, unstructured or semi-structured. Future Market Insights (FMI) has provided a detailed analysis on the global data integration software/tool market in its report.

According to FMI, Factors Influencing the Growth of the Global Data Integration Software/Tool Market Include

  • Universal access to data of enterprise, keeping up with everything- cloud, legal, or hybrid workflow process
  • Necessity for data management solutions for surge and persistence of business through analysing & combining data from the departments of an organisation into a single application
  • Adoption of technologies such as IoT by business enterprises, acting & identifying strategic insights of data, harnessing most of the information to continuously evolve and change

With advancing technologies, new business systems are being introduced by the enterprises, resulting in challenges while adopting these advancements, related to seamless integration of new data provisions on data integration platform.

Partnership between Dell Boomi & CRM Online for Provision of Simple Integration Solution

A leading provider of cloud-based integration platform, Dell Boomi, has recently entered into partnership with an Australian provider of filed service software, CRM Online. This partnership is expected to provide a simple integration solution to mid-market organisations and local enterprises for critical business systems & applications. According to the agreement, Boomi’s integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) will be combined with CRM Online’s field service solution- Fieldmagic. Simple means for integrating filed services data such as purchase orders, invoicing, customer information, and payment data, will be provided to joint customers. Integration into ERP or accounting platforms is a major barrier faced in the implementation of field services software, especially for huge on-premises deployments. Lack of dedicated integrated solution render field services organisations to rely on manual processes, entailing human error, risk to data integrity, and duplication. Boomi’s iPaaS is expected to enhance the Fieldmagic solution of CRM by the provision of drag-and-drop, cloud-based mechanism, enabling automated enterprise integration coupled with variety of best-of-breed systems. Out-of-box connectors are provided by Boomi’s architecture for major ERP solutions, allowing organisations to scale on the basis of unique business requirements.

Key Benefits of Data Integration Include

  • Procuring data from operational systems, merging this data, and its delivery for analysis to integrated data structures.
  • Data consistency for ensuring database-level consistency in applications & processes.
  • Governing and managing data assets for the purpose of audits, and information monitoring regarding services and processes of data integration in the enterprise.

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