High-Performance Solutions to Enhance Enterprise Data Storage

Many types of data storage are available with a various level of capacity and speed. Businesses usually store data in a secured location where it can be accessed readily. Increasing emphasis on enterprise information security and implementation of data encryption are responsible for technological changes in the data storage industry. Organizations are also moving their data to the hyper-converged storage systems, as it offers scalability, data storage efficiency and is cost-efficient. Moreover, many organizations are adopting high-quality encryption to secure sensitive information and data.

According to the report by Future Market Insights (FMI), the data storage market in the Middle East is projected to increase to 14.4% CAGR between 2015 and 2025, reaching $6,537.6 million by 2025. The primary reason for the growth of Middle East data storage market is the presence of leading companies providing data storage such as Microsoft Corporation and IBM Corporation. These companies are offering data analytics, mobile integration and hybrid cloud storage services in the Middle East. Moreover, with a rise in data produced owing to the emergence of Internet of Everything (IoE) is anticipated to fuel the demand for better data storage solutions in the Middle East.

Middle East & Africa Data Storage Market

Introduction of high-performance solutions will enhance enterprise data storage

With the introduction of high-performance solutions, the enterprise data storage can be enhanced along with data security. For example, Case Western Reserve University Chemists have introduced a platform that can help shrink the amount of space used by a current system for data storage. The platform has been created by means of polymer films including two dye molecules that can store data optically in quaternary code. To represent information, this type of code uses symbols instead of numbers.

The test was also conducted by the team. It loaded a small amount of two dye molecules into a colorless and clear sheet of ambient light polymer known as PMMA. More such experiments are planned, where the team will test specialized laser to increase data density.

There has been an increase in enterprises moving business applications to the cloud, the flash technology is also becoming popular and cost-effective and there is also an increasing need for analytics that makes sense of the stored data. Moreover, major companies are looking forward to innovative data storage technologies through partnerships and mergers and acquisitions.

Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) is the technology that is expected to bring the change in data storage industry. This technology uses lasers to magnetically record data. Another emerging technology in data storage is DNA digital data storage. DNA is capable of storing large-scale data, i.e. 215 million gigabytes in a single gram of DNA. Though DNA offers many advantages for data storage, the only concern is its cost.

Data management and protection are the biggest issues in the data storage. Moreover, with the increasing adoption of Big Data by businesses, the data storage providers are looking forward to producing higher density solutions in the coming years.

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