Healthy Growth Estimated for Global Rugged Thermal Cameras Market in the Near Future

Rugged thermal cameras, such as uncooled thermal cameras, find various applications among several sectors owing to increasing requirements for security and surveillance. Robust adoption is estimated for rugged thermal cameras from various economies such as China, Russia, and regions with complex infrastructures & utilities, and massive military base. The demand for thermal cameras is expected to witness a surge in the near future, according to a report by Future Market Insights (FMI).

Increasing defence Budgets Expected to Drive the Demand for Rugged Thermal Cameras

FMI’s report states that in 2016, revenues generated from sales of rugged thermal cameras for purposes of surveillance and security surpassed US$ 1.3 Bn. By the end of 2027, the revenues amassed for same purposes is expected to reach US$ 3 Bn, in the global rugged thermal cameras market. The market is projected to register a healthy growth at 9.1% CAGR over the span of next 10 years.

Rugged Thermal Cameras Market

The volatility and uncertainty of incidences across the globe owing to territorial & ideological disputes, and civil wars is estimated to drive the necessity for global defence spending on a large scale. Especially, the economies in the Southern China and Middle East regions are estimated to witness higher demand for rugged cameras for security and surveillance in the near future. Eastern European nations have substantially increased the budget of their defence. Almost 7 out of 10 economies are witnessed for highest defence budgets, including either Eastern European or Asian Regions. Few countries among these include Lithuania, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, India, China, and Iraq.

FTA Launches a Dual-Vision Rugged Thermal Camera

Several organisations have come up with innovations and advancements in rugged thermal cameras for increasing their efficiencies and performance capabilities. One such example is of FTA, which is well known for its provision of IP69 cameras. It has introduced a dual-vision system of rugged thermal cameras capable of capturing CCTV image as well as thermal view. The thermal engine works on the basis of miniature high-performance VOx with resolution of 384X288 pixels, or, an ASi microbolometer detector. This camera, called Mantis, features strong proprietary algorithms, completely tested, and proved effective even in the conditions of poor visibility. FTA’s Mantis provides analog (RS170 or CCIR) as well as digital (USB2 or LVDS) video outputs, tuned to long-wave infrared comprising sensitivity of a bit less than 0.050⁰C while utilising an f/1.0 lens.

Key Thermal Features of Mantis Include

  • Engine control
  • High resolution graphics overlay
  • Strong proprietary algorithms that have been proved efficient in poor visibility conditions
  • Electronic zoom- 2X & 4X
  • FOV control through communication
  • User-defined field of interest
  • Miniaturised shutter
  • On-screen menu
  • Snap shots

A Thermal Imaging Scanner by FLIR

Another organisation which has launched an innovative thermal camera is FLIR. It has launched a rugged pocket-sized thermal camera at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, and is expected to be available for purchasing at US$ 699. FLIR C3, as named by the company, is a thermal imaging integrated scanner, created for inspection of home & market for interested consumers and contractors. The FLIR C3 is capable of detecting heat leaks, electrical problems, and moisture. It includes a touchscreen monitor (3-inch) with built-in wireless connectivity that enables the transmission of an image directly to smartphones or tablets for viewing.

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