For Best ROI, Choose the Right Workflow Automation Solution

Workflow automation is the key to remaining competitive in the coming years

Organization can be chaotic at times- specifically the processes involved in running the show for businesses. The C-suite in every industry are entrusted with efficiently delivering services and products to customers- without compromising on quality and productivity and that is what makes for business workflow automation and optimization. An efficient business workflow automation and optimization can drive any business into the top quadrant of respective industry and help gain a competitive edge when delivering products and services to its target customers. Studies have shown that business workflow automation and optimization- a subdomain of business process management (BPM) removes bottlenecks and replaces mundane and repetitive tasks with ones that require innovation- letting businesses explore tremendous opportunity to bring creativity and value addition to the workplace. Workflow automation saves time, team effort and, focuses on streamlining only one task within the entire business process workflow. Although designed for specific tasks, business workflow automation can also be integrated with processes and tools.

According to a recent study, owing to increasing demand for streamlining processes and workflows, the business workflow automation and optimization market is growing at a steady growth rate. However, if estimations are to be believed, it will take 5 to 10 years for businesses to fully adopt and realize the potential of business workflow automation and optimization process- before any visible transformation. Although ‘automation’ is the buzz word now days, to foster an environment of near perfect automation it is essential for organizations to select the right business workflow automation and optimizing solution. Combining business and academia is likely to bring out the best in any organization, which includes:

  • Ever business has a certain set of guidelines and business policies, which the automation solution must be in sync with. For creating and configuring workflow, it is important that the workflow automation and optimizing solutions provide flexibility.
  • One of the first considerations to make while choosing workflow automation solutions is to look for ‘simplicity’- both in terms of usability and user interface (UI). Choose solutions that are user-friendly, does not require special programming skills or extra finances for deployment. Additionally, poor UI confuses users and makes adoption difficult.
  • Deploy solutions that automate both internal and external tasks– after all, automation is the underlying factor for scaling marketing for businesses. Sure, automations optimizes internal workflows and optimizes its functioning, but considering that more than half of the B2B buying process is done online, to drive revenue- solutions must focus automating and optimizing external workflow. Read: marketing automation. Also, workflow automation solutions and software’s ability to integrate both internal and external processes will go a long way in determining how effective the solution would be for the organization. Software that can integrate 3rd party SaaS applications, ERP systems, and legacy databases go a long way.
  • Choose workflow automation solutions that give real-time insight and reporting dashboards as it will empower the C-suite in the decision making process and help them learn from inefficiencies.
  • Lastly, business workflow automation and optimization solutions and software that have poor customer support is one of the reason for inefficient processes. For small business or a big corporations, it is fundamental to reach out to the customer support departments for any technical glitch- that may bring business processes to a standstill. Also, support hours and SLA for fixing bugs is an important consideration when choosing workflow automation solutions and software.

Businesses can scale or go down significantly, considering their approach towards adopting workflow automation and optimization solutions.

Market insights on business workflow automation and optimization solutions included in the article are sourced from Persistence Market Research’s recently published report- a detailed version of which can be availed at here.