ERP Solutions: Success Mantra for Retail Businesses?

With the growing competition in the business sector, there is an increasing demand for transformation in the processes of the companies to ensure that they are a step ahead. However, it is not as easy as it seems. The enormous operations and tasks that businesses need to carry out, keeps growing with the kind of strategies implemented and the decisions taken. Businesses, therefore, utilize intelligent systems like the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, which are business process management software, designed to provide a direction to the business operation and simplify the task of managing data.

Talking about the retail business, there is a massive amount of data that needs to be taken care of in order to execute processes smoothly. Integrated applications provided by ERP solutions help organizations in the retail business to manage the business and execute back-office functions in an automated framework. The flexibility provided by these personalized systems helps retailers control all their business process in an integrated setup. The fact that people are shifting towards a quicker and easier way of shopping, i.e. e-commerce, retailers find it crucial to develop ways to get products from suppliers to customers, giving rise to drop shipping which is a new way of distributing products. Drop shipping allows retailers to reduce inventory costs by dynamically purchasing products from suppliers when they are bought by customers.

ERP solutions and their flourishing capabilities to improve retail businesses

A provider of trading partner connectivity and integrated solutions, TrueCommerce, recently joined hands with a leading ERP solution provider, Acumatica to redefine the retail business with their unique and well-designed business system. The astonishing integration of wholesale trading partners along with e-commerce channels into one powerful and simple system would help automate order-to-cash interactions.

Such systems transform the supply chain process for organizations, helping them leverage their capabilities of efficient order management, fulfillment, and product and customer data management along with advanced and integrated peer-to-peer connectivity. Providing a holistic visibility into the business system, ERP enables managers to understand each process and its functioning all at the same time in one system. This concept allows retailers to manage and take quick decisions in case of discrepancies in processes, resulting in faster execution and management of the business.

With respect to drop shipping being the future of retail and e-commerce, ERP is its key, as it simplifies the functionality and works on improving the distribution of products for advancements of the retail sector.

Abhishek Budholiya

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