Discovery Insure Teams up with SqwidNet for a Wider Portfolio of Technology & Telematics Offerings

A subsidiary of the Discovery Limited, Discovery Insure has entered into a collaboration with South Africa’s Sigfox Operator, SqwidNet. SqwidNet is of the point of view that South Africa is at the edge of the fourth industrial revolution. The company has been planning to concentrate on developing relationships, which are made for igniting digital transformation as well as foster ongoing innovation and advancement.

SqwidNet’s Managing Director, Phathizwe Malinga had mentioned that this step holds an opportunity for them to cement their commitment towards driving innovation and advancement by means of IoT in South Africa. According to SqwidNet, the open access ecosystem of the company has developed inventive solutions, which have overcome and addressed significant local challenges.

SqwidNet, as Sigfox’s exclusive network operator in South Africa, has collaborated with the team of Discovery Insure as well as its associate, Cambridge Mobile Telematics for utilizing Sigfox technology for the purpose of enhancing and innovating on their Internet of Things (IoT) offerings.

Sigfox & LPWA networks to play a significant role in the expansion of Discovery Insure’s insurance business

Discovery Insure has been extremely excited to collaborate with SqwidNet as it offers them immense opportunities in growing at its insurance space. Discovery Insure is a data-driven firm that utilizes information for changing behavior as well as rewarding clients to improve the way they are driven. LPWA networks and most importantly Sigfox by means of its local deployment along with SqwidNet is expected to play a significant role in the expansion of technology and telematics offerings of Discovery Insure in insurance space.

The partners have been believing that this collaboration magnificently indicates that uptake of IoT will be increasing in South Africa along with an end-to-end network of the specialist providers. This, in turn, will help in developing a more sustainable solution for the customers.

Digital transformation will be attained by means of the usage of various technologies as well as LPWANs that helps businesses become comparatively more data-driven. In addition, LPWAN helps in connecting more assets to the internet, particularly non-powered and remote assets, in order to improve real-time alerts and business insights.

With the creation of the new IoT-based usage cases in South Africa, Discovery Insure is at the verge of technological transformation with the limitless applications.

Abhishek Budholiya

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