Development of Smart Buildings and Cities to Boost the Sales of Smart Home Devices

“It’s just a click away”, the world revolves around this saying today. The rapid emergence of digital technology and artificial intelligence influence the development of smart home devices. Such devices implement home automation system on the electronic products which can be controlled remotely. Although security and surveillance appliances contribute the maximum revenue of smart home devices market, HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) and lighting systems are gradually growing in demand. Construction of the smart building is the key to developing smart cities which majorly supports the global growth of smart home devices market. An increasing amount of use of virtual assistants like Google Home and Alexa Echo is also likely to improve the adoption of these devices.

Four Best Smart Home Devices with Easy Installation Process

  1. Amazon Cloud Cam

With simple installation and reliable performance, this indoor home security camera comes at an affordable price and can be controlled with an easy app. It has excellent night vision, two-way audio feature, and considerable smart motion detection. By adding few more dollars, you can get the upgraded version of this camera which works with Amazon Key that lets its delivery drivers drop your packages inside the house.

  1. Wink Hub 2

Managing multiple smart home devices can be a difficult task. Wink Hub 2 is an ideal home automation system which is capable of managing the devices by a single app. It is easy to install, has a sleek design, and alert its situation with a LED light indicator. Compatible with many smart home devices, wink hub 2 lets you control appliances such as security system, thermostats, lights, bells, door openers and so on.

  1. 3. Philips Hue Lighting

It is one of the best smart lighting systems. The lights can be controlled from anywhere by using the Hue app on your phone or tablet. It is capable of setting a favorite color scheme and can match the color of light with an image. You can set a timer to turn on and off the lights automatically, use it as an alarm or a reminder, and make it blink when you get notifications on your phone. However, it is a bit pricey and managing the hue apps for different settings can get messy.

  1. August Smart Lock Pro

Although expensive, August Smart Lock Pros is one of the high-quality smart appliances. Easy to install and comes with smart settings such as auto lock, auto unlock, and DoorSense that notifies when the door is left ajar. It gets perfectly integrated with other smart home systems including Alexa, Siri, and Google assistants. The settings of this smart lock can be controlled by a neatly organized app and can also be worked manually.

Smart Home Devices Market Share

As spending on smart home devices increases all over the world, the global market is estimated to witness a growth of US$ 125 Bn in the next decade, expanding at a CAGR of 19.7%.

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