Demand for SAP Cloud Platform Services to Remain Robust among SMEs, North America to Spearhead Adoption

The penetration of SAP Cloud Platform Services is witnessing a healthy increase globally

Rapid increase in solutions in the cloud ecosystem has made the cloud environment complex in nature. With the shift toward cloud platforms becoming a key focus among businesses recently, end-users are witnessing challenges in terms of application management, integration, and workload management in cloud computing space. For resolving these challenges, key solution providers such as SAP SE developed advanced cloud platforms to provide enhanced workload management and simplified process control to end-users with the aid of services under SAP cloud platform portfolio.

SAP cloud platform services are expected to witness opportunities in excess of US$ 160 Mn in 2018. SAP SE has been actively participating in partnerships and collaboration activities across major economies worldwide for boosting penetration of SAP cloud platform services and enhancing their global footprint. This has further translated into new sales channels for the SAP cloud platform services.

Adoption of the SAP cloud platform services also remains significantly influenced by their potential in regulating processes of disruptive business models. While SAP cloud platform services facilitate digital transformation, flexible software offerings of these enable quick adaptation. Provision of real-time business data coupled with the agility in the application development to enhance business profitability and proficiency is a key attribute of SAP cloud platform services that continue to drive their adoption worldwide.

Adoption of SAP Cloud Platform Services Remains High among SMEs

Preference for proof of concept (POC) service, and strategy and consulting services have growth among end-users of the SAP cloud platform services. Adoption continues to grow among small- and medium-sized enterprises, as they leverage SAP cloud platform services to boost productivity and performance, complemented by steady demand in large enterprises.

SMEs are emerging as fast-adopters of SAP cloud platforms services, owing to the relative affordability of cloud computing services compared to on-premise deployment. SAP cloud platform services are likely to witness opportunities worth more than US$ 100 Mn in SMEs in 2018.

SAP Cloud Platform Services Market Forecast

On the contrary, sales in large enterprises are expected to remain comparatively low, owing to early and pre-planned adoption of on-premise deployment. Affordability quotient of the on-premise deployment among large enterprises continue to remain high compared to SMEs, however opportunities exist for SAP cloud platform services in large enterprises in the near future.

North America Spearheads Adoption of SAP Cloud Platform Services

North America continues to remain the most lucrative region for sales of the SAP cloud platform services, led by the U.S. Macroeconomic factors including high GDP and significant economic growth along with rising presence of cloud computing infrastructure, and higher occupancy of leading SAP cloud platform service providers continue to drive adoption in North America.

Asia-Pacific countries, particularly Japan, are showing increased inclination to SAP cloud platform services. Adoption in Japan, China, India, and Australia is expected to expand at an impressive rate, with prospects expected to remain comparatively more robust in India.

Aforementioned research findings are according to a recently published Fact.MR report titled SAP Cloud Platform Services Market.