Cutting-edge Network Testers to Address Key Demands of Burgeoning Global Network Infrastructure

With the multiplying network infrastructures across the globe, the need for evaluating network performance becomes a crucial factor. Moreover, the increasing prevalence of telecommunication services has greatly transformed the businesses operate. Nearly all business organizations and enterprises irrespective of their size, are adopting to next-gen networks, thereby boosting the need for assessing the performance, protocol, operability and other factors pertaining to the network. While testing newly deployed networks, the need for troubleshooting the existing networks remains equally significant. A network tester is a testing tool that evaluates whether networks are operating smoothly, along with the analysis of the speed of the network and security tests.

Handheld Network Tester to Simplify Application

The demand for network tester has further taken shape into ease of operability. As the analysis of networks becomes a vital process, the need for on-the-go evaluation has also gained traction over the years. The network tester landscape witnesses an immense requirement for portable and handheld network tester tools. The companies operating in the network tester ecosystem are innovating their product portfolio to ensure that they meet the transforming network tester needs. For instance, Viavi Solutions, a network test, assurance, and measurement technology company, introduced the handheld network tester for next-gen mobile and cable networks. Their T-BERD/MTS 5882 is claimed to be the smallest handheld network tester, which features service activation multiple protocols, troubleshooting fiber characterization, and maintenance for the future cable and mobile networks.

Validating Connection Speeds with Advanced Tools

The changing network landscape demands for next-gen network tester tools that help in evaluating the networks with technological advancements. With the increasing penetration of the internet, the demand for network tester tools to evaluate the connection speeds of its networks has become a significant task. Companies are further innovating in how these networks could be testing by introducing new and improved network tester solutions. For example, the tool manufacturing company, Greenlee Textron, Inc., introduced a wireless analyzer for testing the connection speed of Ethernet and Wi-Fi. The advanced network tester solution is an effective analyzer that provides network technicians with tools that help in validating connection speed. Furthermore, the advanced analyzer provides high-level smartphone application connectivity, to enable control from remote locations.

Increasing Penetration of Ethernet to Create Demand for High-level Testing tools

The increasing penetration of Ethernet owing to its capabilities to enable communication between devices has increasing fostered the need for network tester tools. The manufacturer of telecom measurement and test instruments, GL Communications Inc., introduced the new network tester for such next-level demands. Their new PacketExpert 10GX Ethernet tester is capable of testing networks from 1- and 10-Gbps, consisting a multi-user configuration TTL trigger input and output ports along with this capability. The network operators need such network tester tools to recognize and report network issues or for the process of validating network performance of Ethernet or IP networks. Need insightful glance into the network tester landscape? Click here.

Abhishek Budholiya

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