Augmented Reality Defines the Future of Restaurants

With the increasing transformations around the globe and the advent of new and innovative technologies, there is an excessive changed witnessed by the world. Born at the core of this emergence is the powerful and promising technology called ‘Augmented Reality’. Smart amalgamation of concepts like object recognition and computer vision augmented reality has surpassed the old ways of dealing with complexities. By augmenting computer-generated data in the real world, this revolutionary technology creates an all-new interactive experience for the recipient. The application of augmented reality has been seen in various industries and businesses. Left untouched for long, the food industry has also begun deploying this technology for more opportunities, possibilities, and success.

How are restaurant business owners leveraging AR power?

There has been a wide change in the way restaurant owners cater to their customers over time. Restaurants are acquiring new ways of serving customers so that they could boost the sales and maximize profits. Grown from their traditional ways of doing business, restaurant owners have begun adopting newer trends and technologies for improving their business processes to keep up with the advancements preferred by their customers. Right from the look and feel of the restaurants, to the varieties in their menu, they know what needs to be transformed for the correct placement in the market.

Considering technology, it is one of the best ways to engage with customers and prospects, is being adopted by almost all industry players. The scope of augmented reality, in particular, is very wide, that brings along greater opportunities. Augmented reality not only helps restaurateurs to provide information related to the place and the menu but also help in delivering the most astonishing and interactive experience. This kind of technology catches the eye of people who are on a constant hunt for something new and in turn helps in the advertising and promotion of the restaurants.

Restaurants are bringing in the future of food with AR

The augmented reality trend is adopted and further nurtured by big food and beverage giants to improve customer interaction and increase the engagement. Bareburger, a burger chain along with the emerging augmented reality company, Kabaq, is all set to turn its restaurant menu into 3D models of burger, which is accessible through Snapchat. This 3D contemplation of the menu is a great way to attract the customers. A similar implementation of AR was announced by Domino’s who embrace the augmented reality wave to target the youngsters and millennials, they were more attracted to the technology. The concept of AR-enabled shopping that Snapchat came up with, was appreciated by all due to the perfect fusion of social media and e-commerce along with the excellence of augmented reality. This feature of Snapchat was applied by Domino’s enabling their customers to order pizzas after AR interactions.

The driving force of success for any restaurant is their menu and the service they provide. For greater value, restaurants must work significantly on these lines to attract more customers. With rapid changes in the industry, restaurants face challenges in catering to the progressing customer expectations. Making use of such technologies could, therefore, help them build their brand and attract loyal customers.

Sharvari Rale

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