Android Device Manager – Easy to Locate Your Lost Android Device

Android Device Manager – Easy to Locate Your Lost Android Device

Android device manager is free app powered by Google. Have you ever forgotten your android phone when you use to visits any party, social gathering or any event outside of your home and known’s. Even I do forget my phone whenever I go to shopping. Most of the time I forget it at the billing window while I was busy with paying bills. Thank god, I get my phone back. But the idea terror me most that what would happen if I don’t get it back.  Google has provided a solution of this problem with their new free app called as Android Device Manager.  Android device manager helps users to locate lost devices and also save you from security fears. You can also erase your data if you feel that phone has stolen and your data may be misused.

Getting started android device manager

You can download it from Google play store. It’s a free app developed by Google itself. It is compatible with any device running Android 2.2 or updated versions. After downloading it, Google will send you a text message to your device to ensure that it works. Tap “Activate” to allow the remote wiping features.

Located and ring your misplaced device

If you feel that you have misplaced your phone. Just go to android device manager site, you can see every Android device which you attached to your Google account in Android Device Manager. Here you have to select android device you have linked to your Google account. If you feel that device is misplaced in your house you can select “Ring” and it will automatically ring to your phone in between about five minutes. When you find press power button to stop it.

Change the lock screen

If you feel your android is lost between you way to travel or it is not at home. You want to lock it to save your personal data. Select “Lock” at ADM site. ADM will ask you to create a new lock screen password. There will always be an option to write a recovery message that will appear over your lock screen. This is another way to help you. You can type a message and the person who found your phone will feel easy to return it back.

Erase all data

If you think your phone has gone into the wrong hands and there is no way to get it back. It might be scary for anyone because we all keep our personal files in our Smartphone these days, whether its personal photos, documents or mails. In that case, you can easily erase all its data with “Erase.” You can use the app to find your phone too.

This tutorial about Android Device Manage can be a life saver for most of us. But one important thing we should keep in mind that ADM will not work with an offline device or powered off.

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