AI Powered Amazon Go Stores to Modernize Your Grocery Shopping Experience

The newly opened one-of-a-kind grocery store Amazon Go at the largest city of Washington state Seattle, the US has become the first shop of virtual reality world. The integration of innovative technologies like weight sensor technology and hundreds of cameras watching buyers every movement is likely to promote transform an entire grocery shopping experience. The customer neither need to wait in long queues for billing at cashier counter nor to swipe debit/credit cards for online payments. Simply entering the shop while scanning smartphone at an entrance, grab your items and walkout will be all.

 Just-Walk-Out-Technology to Influence Customer’s Way of Spending

Customers need to install Amazon app on their smartphones which gets automatically activated while entering the Amazon GO store. Instead of going to cashier and register to tally the total amount, an Amazon app keeps the count on the total purchasing cost, charges the total amount from shopper’s Amazon account and receipt is sent via online to the shopper. People tend to spend more when there’s no contact with money. This is similar to effect of using credit/debit card versus cash. Thereby, online contactless payment systems can led to more purchasing when shoppers does not need to reach their wallet for cash and even debit/ credit cards.

Growing Concern about Shopper’s Privacy

Amazon Go is aiming to grab vital opportunities in the grocery industry by delivering hustle free experience to their customer by introducing artificial intelligence. However, Amazon GO will be collecting comparatively more information than any other retail shop setting which rises genuine concern on customer’s privacy. Even though it is not clear what information is being collected by Amazon Go stores coupled with lack of assurance in online payment security, consumer are likely to prefer cashless/ card-less shopping in coming years. Moreover, another concern rises over people’s tendency to steal as Amazon Go store will have less employees to keep track on shopper’s body language. However, Amazon Go customers are identified through their Amazon accounts, thus shop lifting incidences are expected to happen on zero level as tracking system is quite accurate.

Integration of AI in Retail Industry: Threat to Job Security or Not?

Although adaptation of artificial intelligence is helping to achieve new benchmarks of productivity, the employment rate is likely to decline in coming years. Thereby, create intimidating visions for staffs employed at supermarket due to integration of just-walk-out-technology. However, modernization of retail industry with the rising popularity of Amazon Go – style grocery store is still going to need conventional shops. The stores are likely to need workers to check IDs for tobacco and alcohol buying, refilling of shelves, food preparing and for customers help among others. In addition to this, new vacancies for e-commerce position, store associates and data analysts will offer potential opportunities for job seekers in retail industry. 

Less Human Interaction between customer and attendant

There is an ongoing debate about whether Amazon GO – style store are leading towards the end of man-to-man interaction or not. The Amazon Go store is setting a noteworthy example related to integration of physical and digital aspects of live. Shopping for groceries by being physically present at the store and using mode of payment through same identity on This can be further modified to track customer’s shopping preference and personalize shopping experience for that particular buyer through tracking customers from online shopping to real physical real world.

Abhishek Budholiya

Abhishek Budholiya is a tech blogger, digital marketing pro, and has contributed to numerous tech magazines. Currently, as a technology and digital branding consultant, he offers his analysis on the tech market research landscape. His forte is analysing the commercial viability of a new breakthrough, a trait you can see in his writing. When he is not ruminating about the tech world, he can be found playing table tennis or hanging out with his friends.