Accenture to Reinforce its Interactive Programmatic Services with the New Acquisition

Adding capabilities of digital media services for strengthening interactive offerings

Accenture, known for delivering transformational outcomes for a demanding new digital world, announced that the acquisition of Adaptly, a digital media services company based in New York City. This company empowers enterprises across the world to manage their data-driven campaigns across the major digital advertising platforms and channels.

The addition of Adaptly to the existing potential of Accenture would enable the company to strengthen the capabilities of Accenture Interactive Programmatic Services significantly. The digital media services provided by Adaptly would foster the exclusively foster the abilities of Accenture Interactive which include optimizing, activating, and measuring cross-platform media and assisting advertisers to plunge superior business profits.

According to Scott Tieman, the global head of Programmatic Services at Accenture Interactive, brands across the globe have an opportunity for delivering more value to their customers with the help of advertisements that are relative to consumer identities and social contexts. He further added that Adaptly would complement to their complete suite of experience services and improve their ability to deliver quicker, more effective, and better advertising campaigns, while being consistent with their mission to build, create, and run the best customer experiences in the world.

Enhancing Capabilities of the Existing Robust Services

Adaptly would be a part of the Accenture Interactive Operations, once the acquisition would be completed. Accenture Interactive Operations drive a change in the performance of omni-channel marketing, thereby optimizing campaign performance and return of investment and also providing complete transparency and real-time performance assessment.

The co-founder and CEO of Adaptly, Nikhil Sethi said that with the emergence of new consumer experiences and the developing new digital platforms, helping brands connect with people in more powerful and new ways has always been their mission. People interact the most on these digital platforms with their favorite brands, owing to which most advertising spend is inclining towards these platforms. He further added that working together with Accenture would provide a great opportunity to Adaptly for supercharging their major platform partnerships, pushing effectiveness and transparency to their clients, delivering impactful experience. Furthermore, the collaboration with Accenture would allow Adaptly to aid major global brands with the complex media activation challenges.

Leveraging Digital Platforms for Better Customer Engagement

Adaptly has partnered with leading digital platforms such as Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, Google, and Snapchat. With a forward-looking approach to enhance the capabilities of interactive services and improve the interaction between customers and brands. This has greatly influenced the way brands are marketing their products and services. This acquisition would not just redefine the capabilities of Accenture Interactive Operations but also provide a great scope to the brands that are moving towards digital platforms owing to the increasing prevalence and engagement of customers on them.

Abhishek Budholiya

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