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Members of Civitan Club were looking forth in being good citizens to one of the local public elementary school, and have acted so by donating a brand new classroom technology to the school recently. Vizitech’s zSpace, a virtual reality 3D desktop, has delivered a new immersive way of learning for students at the Blandy Hills Elementary. This interactive technology enables lifting things such as robotic arms, insects and human hearts off computer screen, offering students to analyse them from all sides by wearing 3D glasses, learning the operation of those things.

President of local Civitans, Cindy Hillsman, works for Vizitech, presenting company’s technology to the school systems. Many depict interest, but the high cost- approximately ten times than that of regular desktop- renders difficulty in deciding for its adoption. However, local Civitans have taken the responsibility of gathering funds and generously donating to Blandy Hills Elementary. With only seventeen members, the Civitans of course knew the difficulty of raising funds necessary for zSpace learning device, which made them turn to state chapter seeking help.

As local Civitan Club treasurer, Darrell Black went forth to Civitan state winter meeting, presenting to executive council to discern the possibility of receiving matching funds. The presentation comprised of statistics such as poverty level, number of special needs students, and minority rate in the school. Benefits of the technology for special needs kids was a primary factor that led the local Civitans in choosing the equipment. Black received a thumbs up from state executive council, and local chapter moved ahead with the purchase.

A hurdle, however, soon arose as local school system chose to alter the landscape of elementary schools commencing next year. Deciding on the outcomes of zSpace owing to this alteration, the Civitans opted in sending it to Midway, wherein the students of third through fifth grade from that school as well as Blandy would be housed commencing in 2017-18. Black stated the fact that this technology could be better used by upper elementary children. However, the virtual reality desktop now sits at Blandy Hills in media centre.

Rebecca Giles, the media specialist, here stated that the students showed interest in this state-of-art equipment immediately. Giles gave quick demonstration of handful of applications, which included the one where students can receive more than unique view at human heart. This technology enables students in interacting with most of the animals across the globe, send their progress by email to teachers, and take things apart for putting them together back again. This provided the students with an experience like a game while learning. This was the major reason which made it appealing to kids, it was like fun learning for them.

This was just the case for one school, stated Black, with a hope that maybe other bigger and more financed clubs can do the same for their schools. Black welcomes them to take a look at this for once, learn about it, and then decide on helping other schools. Native of Forsyth- Stewart Rodeheaver, a retired U.S. Army Brig. Gen., commenced Vizitech after implementing a problem-based virtual learning to Army’s training program.

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