Microsoft Stops Support for Windows 8, Wants Users to Upgrade

Microsoft Stops Support for Windows 8

In a bid to boost Windows 10 updates, Microsoft today announced that it will be ending security updates and bug fixes to older versions. What it means is that older browsers, including IE – 8, 9, and 10 will stop receiving Microsoft’s technical support, something that can trigger a spate of hacking attacks.

End-users can still access the older browsers, however, without the technical support and expertise of Microsoft’s technical team, users will be vulnerable to attacks and malware. The company stated on its website that “upgrading and staying current is important”, an apparent reference to users to start upgrading to the latest versions of Microsoft.

Analysts are also seeing the move as a steady distancing of Microsoft from the Internet Explorer brand and embracing Microsoft Edge. While moving to a new version may not be a hassle for individual users, corporations may bear the brunt of the move, as upgrading en masse will take time and effort.

What Microsoft’s decision has done is, it has given users two choices – upgrade or stay vulnerable to malware and all other software viruses. Well, before starting to spread the word, your dear writer has already made the shift to Windows 10.

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