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Facebook to Launch New Software Capable of Building AR Experiences

The world’s largest social network, Facebook, has announced a new software, which can be used by developers for building a variety of augmented reality (AR) experiences for Facebook in-app camera, rendering it possible for adding 3-D objects & effects to images. Facebook’s F8 developer conference has given several examples that are similar to filters available

The 2017 Guide to Using Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags remain central to your presence on Instagram. If you don’t use them effectively, there’s a good chance your posts will remain limited to your followers. If you have to boost your profile, it is imperative that hashtags are used effectively. Instagram gives users the flexibility and liberty to experiment with hashtags. However, the onus

Is Pokemon Go Just Another Mobile Game that Won’t Last Long?

Launched in July this year, did “Pokemon Go” make you feel a little nostalgic? Well, there’s nothing wrong if you felt so after meeting one of your favourites from your childhood; a bitter fact is that the feeling was to fade away sooner than later. It shouldn’t surprise you if you soon wonder why you

Internet of Things — The Next Big Revolution that Can Transform Every Aspect of our Lives

You have to be living under a rock if you have not heard about Internet of Things (IoT). The opportunities presented by Internet of Things are huge, and it can usher in a new era of communication where each and everything is connected to each other. Along with Big Data, IoT has truly been the

Will Shrinking Revenues Prompt the Set-Top Box Industry to Change?

The set-top box may have been ubiquitous in our living rooms for some time now, but in a quickly changing landscape, its dominance is being challenged. Whether it’s Apple TV, popularity of online streaming on mobiles, tablets, and laptops, or the ever-dynamic cloud business, consumers today a plethora of options to consume their favourite content.

Social Media Marketing in Pharma Sector – Holistic Engagement Need of the Hour

Brands love social media. For long, they have been yearning for a platform to connect more closely with their target audience, and social media has emerged as a panacea for their needs. However, the pharma industry has been conspicuous by its absence on the social media scene, and analysts have begun to wonder if the industry

Wireless Charging Market Size, Trends, and Forecast till 2020

The global wireless charging market is expected to witness explosive growth, with estimates that total revenues will surpass the US$ 10 billion mark by 2020. Wireless charging market’s lucrativeness can be gauged from the fact that everyone – from mobile phone makers to furniture companies – are working towards offering wireless charging services. Wireless charging

Top 5 Mobile Phone Accessories by Market Size

As mobile phone ownership continues to surge, demand for accessories is also gaining traction. The global market for mobile phone accessories was valued at US$ 58.55 billion in 2014. Strong mobile phone sales, especially rising smartphone ownership in developing regions of Asia Pacific, has led to increased demand for mobile phone accessories. Let’s take a

After Announcing Layoffs, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Gifts $200 Million of His Twitter Stock to Staff

Jack Dorsey has announced that he’ll be giving one-third — which roughly translates to a whopping USD 200 million — of his Twitter shares back to Twitter employees. And, this welcome news wasn’t delivered behind closed doors or any meeting with the board of directors — Dorsey used his Twitter account to make the announcement.

How to Install ClockworkMOD (CWM) in Nokia X, is described as first Smartphone from Nokia.

How to Install CWM (ClockworkMOD) in Nokia X Nokia X is described as first Android-based Smartphone from Nokia. Nokia X supports Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz dual core with 512 MB ram support. This model comes with a 3MP rear camera but don’t have a front camera for video chat. Every smart phone holder will like to have

How to download Android paid apps for free

How to download Android paid apps for free Android apps are increasing day by day. It is estimated that currently there are over 9 lakh applications for Android and smart phones. Many applications are and many are paid. Many of the users uses free application, but while using a free application, we are always hungry

Android Device Manager – Easy to Locate Your Lost Android Device

Android Device Manager – Easy to Locate Your Lost Android Device Android device manager is free app powered by Google. Have you ever forgotten your android phone when you use to visits any party, social gathering or any event outside of your home and known’s. Even I do forget my phone whenever I go to