About Us

The world of technology changes by the minute. There are millions of aspiring technocrats out there who are working on creating that next app, that futuristic smartphone, that wearable device, which will herald a new era in the world of technology. At TechnoRhythms, we are deeply committed to bringing the latest in technology news to our readers.

Why do we care? Well, partly because we ourselves are tech enthusiasts, and partly because we want to spread the word about technology innovation.

What do we cover?

In a nutshell – everything. If its technology, and it’s happening, and there’s a lot of buzz around it, there’s every chance that we will have it covered. However, what sets us apart is the insights we have through our market research team. So, if you want to know how big the earphone and headphone market is, or how much revenue Internet of Things (IoT) will generate next year, TechnoRhythms is the one-stop shop for you.

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